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Show & Tell: From Stuffed Animals to Dolls, Kids Show Us Their Favorite Things

Our photo project, Show & Tell, is wrapping up this month. The series, photographed and curated by Zivar Amrami, has featured children, ages 3-12, photographed with their favorite object. Shot in their homes, each child told us the “who,” “what,” and “why” stories behind their favorite things.

Here is the first installment of our two-part finale, featuring kids whose favorite objects were stuffed animals (and of course, the token doll):


Zivar Amrami

Who: Mira, age 6

What: Giraffy

Why: Mira received “Giraffy” from her grandmother as a gift when she was born. For Mira, Giraffy has transformative qualities, because she often plays pretend with him. She especially likes to flop him in the air and watch him fall to the ground.

Zivar Amrami

Zivar Amrami

Who: Tzofia, age 5

What: Tzofia, her American Girl doll

Why: Her doll, Tzofia, was a gift from her grandmother. Tzofia often teaches her doll how to be just like herself.

Zivar Amrami

Zivar Amrami

Who: Lucy, age 3

What: Elephant

Why: Lucy has had Elephant for a long time–since she’s been in her crib. She loves taking him on outdoor adventures, especially putting him on the slide.

Zivar Amrami

Zivar Amrami

Who: Sunny, age 3

What: Cookie Monster

Why: Sunny was given Cookie Monster from her dad. She loves taking him with her to Coney Island, because she loves him, and of course, she loves her dad a lot, too.

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