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So, JetBlue Put Two 5-Year-Olds on the Wrong Flights

Picture it: You’re a mother waiting eagerly at the airport for your 5-year-old son to arrive home from his cross-country solo trip. Here come the airline employees escorting a little boy your way, except, this is not your son. It is some other little boy, holding your son’s passport.

What. The. Hell.

In what sounds like an actual, literal nightmare, JetBlue is responsible for an epic mix-up that sent one mom into a total panic. Maribel Martinez was waiting at JFK in New York for her 5-year-old son, Andy, to return from a family visit in the Dominican Republic. However, JetBlue had mistakenly swapped Andy with a different 5-year-old boy who was supposed to fly to Boston.

When they presented this other boy to Martinez, she recalls saying, “No, this is not my child.” It took more than THREE HOURS to locate Andy, which sent Martinez into a tailspin, thinking he was kidnapped. “I thought I would never see him again,” she told the Daily News.

JetBlue refunded the $475 ticket and also offered Martinez $2100 in credits for future flights, but as you might expect, this mom is not too keen on ever flying JetBlue again. Instead, she’s working with high-profile lawyer Sanford Rubenstein to take legal action against the company. Meanwhile, a JetBlue spokeswoman has said the incident is now “being reviewed.” Good luck with that.

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