Some Flights Are Banning Laptops & Tablets--And Everyone Is Upset – Kveller
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Some Flights Are Banning Laptops & Tablets–And Everyone Is Upset

Most people dread long flights on airplanes for a variety of reasons, be it boredom, restlessness, and loud kids. Now, it might actually get worse. Your flight nightmare may just come true. Apparently, some U.S. and U.K. flights from some Middle Eastern and African countries are banning the use of laptops and tablets because of an edict from the Trump Administration. This is some pretty bad news considering many parents usually have their kids watch something on an iPad in order to distract them (and hey, most adults do this too).

Of course, kids and adults could just read old-fashioned books (time to reread “Harry Potter” anyone? Or the “Narnia” series?)–there are also awesome coloring books you and your kids could use. Apparently a bunch of families may have to learn to exist without tablets and smart phones for a few hours?

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