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Supreme Court Blocks Order to Let Transgender Student Use Boys’ Bathroom

This is a disappointing day for Gavin Grimm–and pretty much the entire country. In a 5-3 ruling, the Supreme Court delayed making a decision in a case involving bathroom use by transgender students in a Virginia school district.

Essentially, Grimm, who is an incoming high school senior, wanted to use the bathroom associated with his gender identity. A pretty simple request. Sadly, this request has been denied by the Supreme Court.

Justice Stephen Breyer, the swing vote, voted for the delay as “a courtesy” to his more conservative counterparts, because this would “preserve the status quo” until the court can decide whether or not to hear the case. Way to have a backbone.

What’s even more sad, Grimm was initially allowed to use the boys’ bathrooms until the school board instituted a policy that students had to use bathrooms that correspond to their biological genders. This change is beyond upsetting because it is literally teaching kids that they don’t have ownership over their own bodies–and don’t have the privilege to feel comfortable.

As of now, the school board is offering what they think is a “happy medium” with a new policy where “students with gender identity issues” can use private bathrooms. It’s like you have to shove kids away who don’t fit the mold. How horrible is that?

This is why Grimm sued. The Appeals Court found the policy violated Title IX, which is a federal law that prohibits sex discrimination in education, hence why the case was taken to the Supreme Court.

Of course, there is still a chance the ruling may ultimately go in his favor, but it is definitely disappointing, to say the least. We can do better.

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