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The Best Advice From Your Jewish Dads


We love to joke about all the quirks associated with Jewish dads — their early airport arrivals, their (sometimes bad) jokes, their often unique fashion sense. But in our experience, when we ask our Jewish dads to get serious for a moment, they surprise us every time. We surveyed our Instagram followers and asked for the best advice from the Jewish dads in their life and their responses were, well…great, honestly. May we all learn from their wisdom.

The Best Advice From Your Jewish Dads

Don’t get sucked into other people’s craziness.

The best things in life are love, money and streusel topping.

Eat when you’re hungry, sleep when you’re tired.

Pay your credit card in full every month.

If they offer lox for a bagel, take more because you never know when shul will have lox next.

Stay busy.

Get your head out of your ass!

Always stand up for yourself.

Stay in the right lane and mind your own business.

“Don’t cut the bagel toward your neck, Robert!”

Be with the man who makes you laugh.

Listen to your inner voice. It’s always right.

Do what makes you happy as long as that doesn’t hurt anyone.

Never drink Mad Dog!

If you never ask the question, the answer will always be no.

Always choose to be kind.

Never give up. If they try to knock you down, pick yourself up by the bootstraps and keep going.

Don’t worry about As in school, get an A in life.

Never be the drunkest person in the room.

Drink more water!

The best thing about advice is you don’t have to take it.

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