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The Best Socks for Hanukkah Gifts

It's time to admit it: socks make the perfect Hanukkah gift.

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After years of mocking the idea of socks for Hanukkah, it’s finally happened: I’ve reached the age where few things could make me happier than receiving a pair of socks as a gift. My timing is good — socks are having a fashion moment beyond the novelty printed sock that I could never get on board with.

Also trending? Gift guides. (See: the 23 browser tabs I have open to various gift guides from fashion editors, influencers and random writers I follow online.) I fully recognize that the gift guide industrial complex is getting out of control and I don’t need another person to suggest I buy a Solo Stove for “the father figure in my life” — yet I cannot get enough of gift guides. For me, the holiday season doesn’t start until a random influencer recommends a Jenni Kayne cashmere sweater to me.

So here I am, combining two of my current passions (distractions): socks and gift guides — in case you’re looking to elevate the humble “socks for Hanukkah” experience.

The cashmere sock

These are the nicest socks I own, and putting them on feels like the most luxurious little gift at the end of the day (and especially for middle of the night nursing sessions).

Lebon Classic Cashmere Socks

The pop of color

I keep reading that fashionable people are embracing red socks. I’m not a fan of the color red and choose to interpret this as the rise of socks that add a pop of color. Two options that come in every shade you can imagine: a more refined choice from Uniqlo; a slouchier take from Scarf Shop.

Uniqlo Colorful Socks

Scarf Shop Socks

The custom novelty sock

If you’ve somehow never come across the brand DivvyUp, it’s time to order someone a pair of socks with your (or your kid’s) face on them.

DivvyUp Socks

The same sock

One of the best things I ever did for myself (and my daughter) was buy a giant pack of the same style of socks. Not having to hunt for matching socks has saved me what feels like hours. Give someone the gift of hours of their life back (these are the socks I bought).

Antrop Socks from Amazon

The slipper sock

I described these socks — thick and warm with a grippy bottom — to my hairdresser (the fact that I was talking about socks with my hairdresser should reinforce my credibility here) and he asked, “Why didn’t you just steal some from the hospital when you had your baby?” So, yes, I realize they sound awful but they’re really, really worth it.

Bombas Fair Isle Gripper Slipper

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