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The Difference Between How Moms & Dads Use Facebook

Maybe you’ve noticed, maybe you haven’t. Moms are everywhere on the internet, whether it’s content they are writing, content written about them, or advertisements for things moms “need.” Dads, on the other hand, not as much–especially when it comes to content they write.

Of course, a lot of this may seem obvious–but the math behind it is intriguing. For instance, a recent Pew Research survey from 2015 shows that moms are more likely to use Facebook than dads (no big surprise), with 81% of moms on the site, while and 66% of dads use it. While 66% is still a lot, it’s still being largely outweighed by moms–and it’s not because dads are working more, obviously.

How they use the site says a lot. According to Elle:

“Mothers are also more active, with 76% saying they post, comment, or share either “frequently” or “sometimes.” They are also more likely to give feedback and support on Facebook, with 53% of mothers saying they “strongly agree” that they use social media to respond to good news others share.

On top of that, data from Facebook says Mother’s Day drove more posts in one day than any other topic in 2016 (mind you, this was an election year!), with 105,401,004 Mother’s Day posts on May 8, 2016 alone.”

I can’t say I’m too surprised. In our busy world, moms are using Facebook to form support networks and comment on each others’ family pictures or ruminations. This makes sense, considering how men and women are taught to process their emotions differently, and also how much support moms need in a society that doesn’t give them enough.

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