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The Emmys Dress: I’ll Be Wearing Pamella Roland

The last post I wrote about the search for this year’s Emmy dress was written just before a little thing happened that we can heretofore call my horrible, horrible car accident. The days after my accident were spent negotiating pain, recovering from surgery, returning to work, and also wondering what was I going to do about my Emmy dress with my right hand in the sorry state it’s in. At that time, Ali and I were 99% sure of the dress.

Almost a month after the accident, my hand is still extremely unpleasing to the eye in its ungloved, unprotected form and my hand therapist has agreed to try and give me a black compression glove, sleeve, splint, or combination of those.

We have decided to forge ahead and convert our 99% certainty to 100% certainty. I think it’s safe to announce that the designer of my Emmy gown is Pamella Roland. We have made a few modifications to the dress, given the state of my hand and forearm and general Mayim-ness.

1. Sleeves: We modified the sleeves from the original design of the dress so that, if need be, the fact that the sleeve may not close around my wrist will not be easily noticed.

2. Color: We changed our color choice from slate blue to a deep, dark burgundy. Although they do not make hand splints and compression gloves in deep, dark burgundy, I will feel less self conscious having a black hand contraption blend in with deep, dark burgundy, than with any of the other colors we considered.

3. NeckwearThe mezuzah, which North American Jewelers is designing for me to wear on the red carpet, originally featured a sapphire to go with the slate blue. Tempted as I was to change the sapphire to a garnet or ruby, Ali and my husband both rolled their eyes and said that that was “too mitchy-matchy.” As it stands, the mezuzah will feature a sapphire and an “unblood” small diamond (more on that next week).

4. Neckline: The dress plunged more into the cleavage arena than I am comfortable with, so we lifted it to a more tzinus (modest) level. I guess you could say that the dress is now closer to God. Ha ha ha.

Without giving away too many details besides the fact that it’s deep, dark burgundy, it is very long, it has a loop that goes around your index finger to hold up the train when you walk (I feel like I should have one of those medieval princess cone hats on when I loop it through my finger), and it shows off my curves in a hopefully appropriate way.


Dress: 100% no turning back. Thank you, Pamella Roland. Thank you, deep, dark burgundy. Thank you, Jorge the tailor.

Necklace: 100% almost done. No mitchy-matchy red stone. Just a sapphire and a happy diamond.

Mood: Furrowed brow attributed solely to the pain of my injury and recovery. Otherwise, pretty darn content.

Read more on my deliberations over the search for the perfect Emmy dress. And read up my quest for last year’s Hot and Holy dress.

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