The Israel Philharmonic's Virtual Passover Performance Is Brilliant – Kveller
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The Israel Philharmonic’s Virtual Passover Performance Is Brilliant


Before the coronavirus pandemic, going to see the Israel Philharmonic was a special (and often pricey!) treat. As a kid, my grandmother would get coveted season tickets for my cousins and me, and the enchanting performances instilled in us a lifelong love for classical music. I still go to concerts with her whenever we visit Israel.

Unfortunately, nowadays Israel is on lockdown, and classical music concerts are canceled for the foreseeable future. But that hasn’t stopped the group of incredible Israeli musicians from giving us a truly special treat for Passover — a lovely instrumental performance of the holidays’ biggest songs.

From the privacy of their own homes, members of the Philharmonic created impressive renditions of “The Four Questions,” the beloved Israeli passover song, “Simcha Raba,”Betzet Israel,” and “Avadim Hayinu.

The uplifting video reminds us of the power and magic of these songs we grew up with. And, aside from all these gifted players, there’s also a very content special guest: Viola player Matan Noussimovitch recorded his part with his little baby happily relaxing in the background.

So, while we can’t go to see the Philharmonic this year, we are so grateful to have this beautiful Passover medley to enrich and enliven this year’s holiday.

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