The Kid-Dish: Gwyneth Paltrow's Hanukkah Ice Cream – Kveller
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The Kid-Dish: Gwyneth Paltrow’s Hanukkah Ice Cream

All the Jewish celebrity parent gossip you (n)ever wanted to know.

– Apparently Gwyneth Paltrow celebrates Hanukkah with ice cream, but not just any ice cream–Chozen ice cream. The actress came out in support of these Jewish foodie flavors, like Matzoh Crunch and Chocolate Gelt. As for the above picture, anyone else confused as to why they stuck Jon Stewart’s face on there? (People)

– Want to know how Sarah Jessica Parker avoids Christmas chaos? No, it’s not by celebrating Hanukkah. It’s by having… a traditional Christmas? (Celebrity Baby Scoop)

– Man, it looks like not even Tori Spelling is celebrating Hanukkah with the family. In this celebrity holiday roundup, she says she’s excited about Hattie’s first Christmas, Santa Claus pictures and all. Do you know who apparently does celebrate Hanukkah, though? Jodie Sweetin. (Celebrity Baby Scoop)

– Alright, here we go. Eight Jewish celebrities who do celebrate Hanukkah. Nicely done. (The Stir)

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