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The Kid-Dish: Winter Fashion From the Coasts

All the Jewish celebrity parent gossip you (n)ever wanted to know.

Winter time brings the added bonus of bundling your kids in the cutest jackets, scarves, and hats you can find. Exhibit A, above, features Sarah Jessica Parker with her 2-year-old twins Marion and Tabitha in matching grey coats. Maybe it’s just because there’s two of them, but I find this pretty cute. (Famecrawler)

Isla Fisher went with a matching pink sweater and cap when bundling up Elula for a trip to a children’s gym in West Hollywood. Now, I just looked up the weather for West Hollywood and it doesn’t seem to be dipping below the 60s, but it’s nice to see her get into the winter spirit, nonetheless. (Celebrity Baby Scoop)

New Yorkers Bethenny Frankel and Bryn Hoppy (how did I not know that was her last name until now??) were out and about, with Bryn in a fur-lined hooded coat, red-nosed and all. (Celebrity Baby Scoop)

Rachel Zoe and family were all sweaters and hats and scarves in Los Angeles (again, completely unnecessary), with baby Skyler in a sophisticated patterned scarf and white knit cap. Now I may be going out on a limb here, but does anybody else think Rachel’s necklace looks like a giant dreidel? No, just me? Cool. (Celebrity Baby Scoop)

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