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The Maccabeats Are Back with a Fresh Take on a Hanukkah Classic


Our favorite Hanukkah songsters, the Maccabeats, are back with a new holiday tune!

This year, the Jewish a capella group — which was started in 2007 at Yeshiva University and rose to fame with their now-classic Hanukkah song, “Candlelight” — riffed on the most iconic Hanukkah tune of all: “I Have a Little Dreidel.”

The music group covered the song in no less than 7 different exciting musical styles, ranging from classical to hip-hop (plus, similar to a recent tune from another Jewish a cappella group, Six13, there’s a little bonus tribute at the end for Queen fans).

It’s really exciting to see such an energizing and modern take on this Hanukkah holiday classic, which was written by Samuel E. Goldfarb and dates back to the early 20th century.

Our personal favorite is the Reggaeton version. What’s yours?

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