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The Most Important Shabbat Songs and Blessings for Your Family to Know

Hello! Shabbat, yay!!!

Shabbat Blessings to Know:

Hadlakat Nerot- Blessing Over The Candles


Birkat HaBanim Vehabanot- Blessing Our Children


Kiddush– Sanctification of Shabbat Over Wine


Netilat Yadayim– Washing the Hands


Ha-Motzi– Blessing Over The Bread


Birkat Hamazon– Grace


Kiddush Rabbah– Sanctifying the Wine


Seudah Shilshit– The Third Meal




Shabbat Songs to Know:

Shalom Aleichem 


Hineh Matov


Oseh Shalom

Oseh Shalom lyrics video: Learn the words to the Jewish prayer for peace


“Ma Yafeh Hayom”


“L’cha Dodi”


“Kol Ha’Neshama” 


Yah Ribon Olam” 


Yedid Nefesh”


Eliyahu Hanavi


Sh’vua Tov

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