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The Orthodox Jewish Fashion Trend That Works For All Women

You need to look professional for work. You also need to feel comfortable, right? This can strangely be difficult, what with constant worries about VPLs, uncomfortable fabrics and the scourge of “plumbers’ crack” if you favor pants over skirts.

Treading the lines of fashionable and appropriate can be tricky — and that’s especially true if you dress modestly for religious reasons.

But really, the specter of your shirt coming untucked is annoying for all women, no matter their religious beliefs. That is why Jewish fashion designer and mom of four, Tamar Daniel, has revamped the bodysuit for her brand, Tuxe — to great success and acclaim.

The former Topshop designer told Vogue that she was inspired to bring back the bodysuit when she and her friends noticed “a return to more tucked-in dressing and suit dressing.”

What makes Daniel’s bodysuit different — dare we say, better? Instead of snaps that can easily pop open, she replaced it with a bra hook-and-eye closure. The opening also sits higher on the pelvic bone, as opposed to your crotch (which always felt kinda awkward).

And the garments are pretty — some use luxe materials (cashmere!) and others have frilled shoulders.

Besides being useful items for working women, they’re also popular among Orthodox Jewish women, as it allows them more versatility in dressing. Daniel added how many Orthodox women ask her for advice:

They say, ‘I want to wear the slip dress that everyone is wearing but we don’t show that much skin. Can you suggest a piece that will disappear under the dress, to supplement a trend and make it accessible for me?’

Daniel is adamant about her clothes being highly wearable — something that’s especially crucial for women who are constantly moving around (moms!). In a previous interview, she said:

You want to look polished but you don’t want to feel inaccessible. It should always be comfortable, natural and make your life easier… I would like to revert back to a culture where women shop based on their needs, and their body, and buy better quality product with a longer lifespan.

Tuxe, which was founded by Daniel, prides itself on being a woman-run company with only female employees made up of “dedicated fashion designers, certified performance coaches and psychologists.” She even has a #TimesUp collection, full of gorgeous black bodysuits that advocate for women’s rights and fashion all at the same time.

Looking and feeling good while you’re doing good? That’s a big win in our book.

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