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The Photographs These Kids Took in Syrian Refugee Camp Are Breathtaking

The Syrian refugee crisis seems to have fallen out of our collective conscious (that is, until somebody compared refugees to Skittles). But the problem still rages on–and there’s one new amazing project that you may not know about. Recently, ABC News partnered with UNICEF on a project called “This is Home,” which gave kids in the Syrian refugee camp, Za’atari, cameras to document what their daily lives are like.

Here are some of the pictures they took at the camp in Jordan, with summaries of their captions translated from Arabic into English:

You can also see more photos in this video on Instagram:

These photos show the struggle of adjusting to life in a refugee camp, which for a teenager (and anyone, really… but imagine adding in puberty) can be utterly overwhelming.

For instance, Reem Al-Hariri, 14, told ABC News it took her two months to learn where her family’s caravan was in the settlement–she said she “had to make marks in the dusty streets in order to find her way back.” She also explained what helps her through the tough times:

“I have happy days and sad ones. Whenever I’m upset, I start to sing.”

Check out the rest of the photos and story over at ABC News. It’s a truly eye-opening and engaging story.

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