The Reason Gal Gadot Hid Her Pregnancy While Shooting 'Wonder Woman' – Kveller
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The Reason Gal Gadot Hid Her Pregnancy While Shooting ‘Wonder Woman’

Did you know that Gal Gadot was pregnant when she was filming “Wonder Woman?” You probably don’t, considering she kept it hidden–and once she started showing, the team on the movie set also created green screen suit for her baby bump when it was visible during shoots.

In the June issue of Marie Claire, Gadot opened up about her second pregnancy, why she wants gender equality, and what her mom taught her. So, why did she keep her pregnancy on the down low? Because she was afraid she’d be treated differently, hiding her morning sickness and migraines:

“I gutted it out. I started to come to set with sunglasses. I had this jug of water with huge pieces of ginger. One of the producers kept on asking, ‘Why are you drinking that potato water?’ They thought I’d gone Hollywood.”

Gadot also went on to talk about the difference between Israel and Los Angeles:

“When I first came to Los Angeles, I couldn’t read people. I always felt there was a subtext. In Israel, people have chutzpah. People take issue with it, but I’d rather have that than play games. Here, everyone’s like, ‘We love you; you’re so wonderful.’ I prefer to know the truth, not waste time.”

When it comes to her work ethic, which is said to be incredibly strict by actors like Jon Hamm, Gadot credits her mom for it–and for being organized:

“I’m a control freak. My mom used to say, ‘When it’s messy in the eyes, it’s messy in the head.’ I won’t leave dishes in the sink. I care a lot about organizing things, having my house clean. Let’s just say I enjoy knowing what’s going on with my shit.”

Her mother, a teacher, clearly taught her a lot about life, especially when it comes to being confident and raising children, as she went on to say:

“I’m lucky. I grew up not thinking too much about gender. My mom raised my sister and me to be confident women with aspirations. And I always felt capable. I’m not saying that I’m stronger than most men. Physicality has its own rules. But we all have the same brains; we can achieve the same things.

There’s a long way to go until we can make gender a nonissue… I don’t know if it’ll ever happen. I’m hoping it will, because life would be so much cooler and less complicated.”

That being said, Gadot isn’t free from mom guilt–or feeling frustrated with trying to balance being an actor and being there for her daughter, stating:

“Alma used to ask, ‘How come other moms come to school for the recital and you don’t?’ It devastated me.”

This illustrates the fact that women everywhere, regardless of profession, wealth, beauty or success, all feel guilty for the things we can’t do.

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