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There’s a New Watch That Can Tell If You’re Pregnant

Talk about a biological clock: There’s a new Fitbit-like watch in town, and it can apparently tell you if you’re pregnant. Which means that you may not have to rely on those drugstore pee-stick pregnancy tests for much longer. The device measures things like heartbeat, temperature and sweat.

The bracelet was recently presented at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine in San Antonio, Texas, according to The Daily Mail. The senior researcher at the University of Zurich, Mohaned Shilaih, developed the product alongside Swiss company Ava.

So far, the device has been tested on more than 100 monthly menstrual cycles, and has predicted 21 pregnancies. In a bigger forthcoming test, about 1,000 cycles will be monitored, in hopes of fine-tuning the product.

Of the pregnancy monitoring watch, Shilaih said:

…[I]n concept if this were to be generalizable for a larger population, then you’d probably expect, rather than waking up every morning and peeing on a stick, you would simply have Ava bracelet worn night and day.’ Ava would sound an alarm when pregnant.

You won’t have to go out of your way to do something extra.

Watch the video to learn more about this potentially game-changing development.

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