There's Finally Going to Be a Jewish Kindergarten in Lodz, Poland – Kveller
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There’s Finally Going to Be a Jewish Kindergarten in Lodz, Poland

Well here’s something pretty cool: The first Jewish kindergarten is opening up in Lodz, Poland next month. The city was historically home to a vibrant Jewish community and one of the largest Jewish ghettos during the Holocaust, but lost most of its Jewish life when its remaining Jews were sent to Auschwitz in 1944. So the fact that it will now be home to a Jewish kindergarten is a pretty big deal.

In conjunction with the Lodz Jewish community, the Jerusalem-based nonprofit Shavei Israel is making history happen by opening the school.

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According to Shavei Israel, the kindergarten already has 10 children registered for the upcoming academic year. Not too shabby considering the last post-World War II Jewish school in the city was forced to close in 1968 as a result of Communist repression.

Considering there were only 877 Jews remaining in Lodz after being liberated by the Soviets in January 1945, we’re happy to know children in Lodz will be able to recite the blessings, sing Jewish songs, and learn about different Jewish traditions. Now that’s a good moment to imagine.

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