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Jewish baby names

These 9 Yiddish & Hebrew Names Are Perfect for Babies Born in Spring

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Now that it’s officially spring, I started thinking about baby names that are inspired by the season (like blossoming flowers, for instance!). Regardless of whether or not you’re expecting, it’s always fun to find out the meanings of Hebrew and Yiddish names (and discover new ones you didn’t know existed). If you are expecting, it gives you some much-needed inspiration.

Spring is a special season, as it represents a time of a renewal and change–which is a perfect name for a baby and adult, as we are always transforming and evolving into (hopefully) better versions of ourselves.

This is why I rounded up some of my favorite Jewish baby names inspired by spring. (If you want more inspiration, check out our Jewish baby name guide. If you want baby names inspired by Passover, check them out here.)

These are our top favorites:

1. Ortal. Ortal is a Hebrew name for girls that means “morning dew,” which is so lovely and ethereal.

2. Vered/Varda. Vered and Varda are both Hebrew girl names that mean “rose” in Hebrew.

3. Raisel/Raisa. Raisel and Raisa are Yiddish girl names that means “rose.”

All these rose-inspired Hebrew names honestly just makes me think of the Seal song:

4. Shoshana. Shoshana is a gorgeous Hebrew name meaning “rose” or “lily,” which is perfect, as spring is the time flowers bloom!

5. Aviva/Aviv. Aviva is a girl’s name in Hebrew, which means “spring,” while Aviv is the unisex version. Both boys and girls names can be shortened to Avi.

6. Maytal. Maytal means “dew drops,” which is a beautiful spring-inspired names. And you can use May for short!

7. Talia/Talya. Talia means “dew from God,” which is a girl’s name in Hebrew.

8. Masha/Moshe. Masha is a girl’s name in Hebrew that means “rising water,” which is perfect considering it rains all the time. Moshe is the boy’s version, meaning “drawn from water.” It’s also especially apropos, since Moses is the star of the Passover story.

9. Mayim/Mayyim. Mayim is a Hebrew girl’s name that means “water.”

Don’t forget to check out our Jewish baby name guide for more inspiration.

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