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These Are the 5 Different Kinds of Moms…Which One Are You?

I don’t like using labels at all. Really, I despise them. Because you know, humans are completely complicated and contain multitudes and contradictions (thanks for that one, Walt Whitman), but I can’t help but love Buzzfeed’s new parody video highlighting parenting archetypes called “The Different Types Of Moms You Meet.”

The mom stereotypes include the quintessential but all too real “PTA Mom,” that kind of annoying “Parenting Expert” who’s read every article about raising kids, the ultra health concerned breastfeeding “Crunchy Mom,” the art-loving “Hipster Mom” (which is what I’d be if I was a mom), and the well-meaning yet always late “Hot Mess Mom.” These moms, while all different, kind of make the perfect squad, don’t you think?

Watch the funny video below–it’ll at least get you laughing (with yourself, but not at yourself):

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