These Kid-Friendly Passover Meals Will Get You Through All 8 Days of the Holiday – Kveller
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These Kid-Friendly Passover Meals Will Get You Through All 8 Days of the Holiday


Meal planning when you have kids can be hard. But when your whole family is keeping kosher for Passover, finding kid-friendly, hametz-free meals can be beyond challenging.

I mean, no bread, no pasta, no cake, no chicken nuggets?! It’s enough to make even the most mild-mannered, carb-loving kid throw a major tantrum.

Fortunately, however, there’s no need for things to get that bad. There’s actually a wealth of delicious, kid-friendly Passover recipes out there, many of them courtesy of our own Shannon Sarna, co-host of the our podcast, “Call Your Mother” and the editor of sister site, The Nosher.

Check out our favorites, below (and if you need extra snack inspo, be sure to click here)!


Matzah brei

Bubaleh: Passover pancakes

Potato waffles 

Scrambled egg potato muffin

Sweet potato toast 

Pina colada granola

Farfel toasties

lunch and dinner

Potato and carrot gratin

Potato kugel pizza 

Sheet pan dinner: za’atar chicken with cauliflower and chickpeas

Cauliflower rice bowl

Cauliflower bialys 

Lettuce wrap pulled beef tacos 

Coconut crusted chicken fingers

Roasted chicken with pineapple 

Matzah pizza 

Zoodle pasta pie

Zoodle bolognese

Matzah toppings from around the world

Grilled chicken breast with strawberry salsa

Passover sweet and sour meatballs

Passover spinach and cheese lasagna

Passover picnic menu

Passover chicken nuggets 

Passover schnitzel


Chocolate and caramel covered matzah

Funfetti matzah cake 

Matzah toffee 

Almond butter chocolate chip cookies 

Passover marshmallow brownie

Cinnamon donut holes 

Banana pumpkin bread for Passover

5 ingredient peanut butter cookies

Date energy bars


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