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These #NoBanNoWall Tweets & Photos Will Give You Hope

Last Friday, Donald Trump banned citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the US for a period of 90 days. Understandably, this caused outrage for many people who live in the U.S., which resulted in protests across the country, notably at airports. In times such as these, it’s important to stand up for each other–because if we don’t–who else will try to change these injustices? Differences don’t have to separate us–we can still be united through our differences–and empathize through these struggles.

As such, we rounded up some of our favorite protest photos:

#NoBanNoWall • #jewishresistance

A photo posted by Lenyon Whitaker (@lenyonwhitaker) on

My favorite picture today 💜 #nobannowall #lax #peace

A photo posted by Bex (@bex_tk) on


A photo posted by Florence Gidez (@florencegidez) on

Getting ready 💪🏼 @tikkagravyjo #nobannowall

A photo posted by Stephy (@stephanevct) on

#nobannowall is now national a national airport action in every city and every town. . . . Find our live video on Facebook and join 12 million who watched and cheered us on. Also go there to get details for our emergency conference call Sunday night, tonight. We will be planning serious actions where you live across the nation @workingfamilies party joined @maketheroadny @jfrejnyc and countless other New Yorkers in taking over JFK Airport’s #Terminal4 to demand the names and release of refugees, visa and green card holders being detained due to Trump’s #MuslimBan. The crowd grew swiftly and filled the outside to the edges as well as the inside of the airport. The crowds chanted #nowallnoban and told stories of families being torn apart inside, a diabetic senior citizen from Iran, as well as a refugee who attempted suicide after being told she would be deported. The result of the protest and the other protests at airports that followed across the nation was a Brooklyn Federal Judge’s order to US Customs to not enforce Trumps ban for the time being, protecting anyone detained from being forced in flights back to what could be dangerous and fatal. #Terminal4jfk #jfkairport #refugeeswelcome #resisthere #resisttrump #resisttrumptuesdays #civilrights #letthemin #jewishresistance

A photo posted by Working Families Party (@workingfamilies) on


A photo posted by Molly Hein (@mollyhein) on

We mean never, ever, ever again. #NoBanNoWall #StopBannon #JewishResistance

A photo posted by Alyssa Rubin (@alymixedup) on

This one goes out to you, Steve Bannon. #nobannowall #jewsforrefugees #jewishresistance #banbannon #resist

A photo posted by victoria myers (@victoriafication) on

Winner of #nomuslimban protest #jewishresistance

A photo posted by (@bangitout1) on

#jewishresistance #weveseenthisbefore #neveragain #refugeeswelcomehere

A photo posted by Sasha (@sykimel) on

#neveragain #nobannowall #resist #jewishresistance

A photo posted by Melissa Sontag Broudo (@msbroudo) on

🎶amen for NYC🎶 #jewishresistance #refugeeswelcome #nobannowall #jewsforrefugees #resist #nomuslimban

A photo posted by victoria myers (@victoriafication) on

And, of course, here’s one that will make you smile a little, because #alternativefacts:

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