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These Orthodox Jewish Designers Reveal Their Best Summer Style Tips

Who said you can’t dress modestly in the summer and still be fashionable? Well, now you can, because Orthodox Jewish designers Chaya Chanin and Simi Polonsky have some tips for you to stay cool and stylish. Originally from Australia, they know a thing or two about the heat.

The duo are the style queens behind The Frock NYC and know quite a bit about how hard it can be staying cool in the summer months, telling Vogue:

“Naturally, we are big shvitzers—we start sweating at the mere sight of the weather app’s digits rising above 75 degrees—so staying cool in the summer is vital. Because it’s hot, and we need to cover a lot of ground—as in skin—we’ve become professional ‘summer-innovators’ when it comes to dressing cooly.”

Chanin and Polonsky both abide by tznius, the Jewish law that requires that most of the body be covered, especially the knees, elbows, and collarbone. So, how do they do it?

They began customizing their own clothes when they were younger, such as adding crochet ribbon to hemlines and sleeves for coverage while also keeping cool. This is why they eventually started their label–as a way to provide chic yet modest basics for the observant girl who’s tired of the same old boring items.

The team, who refer to themselves as “layering queens,” currently live in Brooklyn’s Crown Heights neighborhood. To combat the hot NYC summers, they opt for “natural, breathable fabrics” and suggest that “billowy and oversize pieces allow for a cross breeze.”

One of their priceless tips, however, is something we can all easily get: XXL Hanes tees. As Polonsky points out, they are very versatile:

“Today, I took a size 6XL Hanes men’s T-shirt, cut it down the middle, and tied the ends together to make a cool layer on top of the Frock Fluid dress. The Hanes T-shirt is also good to have in the closet to fix any sleeveless situation.” 

Doesn’t this just make you want to go home and do some fashion crafting now? Below are some of my favorite outfits of theirs, via their Instagram:

So our new stuff is online. But u would know that if you signed up to our email list…. A couple of things have already sold out 😱😱😱 We truly do apologize for the fashion frustration this may cause, (especially if ur on the list but don’t check your email every millisecond like most normal people unlike myself) BUT fret not… Because WE WILL do this again!!! Meaning we will make more #SilkyT in prints that sell out before we say ONLINE !!!! So you won’t have to miss out!! Xo #simiandchaya P.S in the form of PSA: We saved some for our #popupshop so see you there on Wednesday @tiptoeboutique and Thursday @ #thefrockstudio Deets are in the email!! Ps. I’m wearing the navy #frockshirtdress as a skirt! Check it out!

A photo posted by Chaya & Simi (@thefrocknyc) on

‘Jerusalem if I forget you, let my right hand forget what it’s supposed to do’! Well this was a dream come true. Imagine doing something you love in a place you love with people you love. Our inaugural Jerusalem Frock event was just that. We had our first #popupshop in the land of Israel. Our Israeli customers were so gracious, the Jerusalem air was so energised and we were pulsing to the beat of the Jerusalem Shuk from the Night before! What really struck a chord during our sale was the genuine sense of appreciation we felt from every woman that walked through the door. Israel, although the best place on earth (we’re bias) and home to so much beauty, is definitely not the most convenient place in the world to shop. Of course, there is nothing in the world like the Shuk Hapishpashin and the mix of the old+new charm of Neve Tzedek, but seeing the joyous face of every woman that walked through the door we saw, “THANK YOU FOR COMING AND FOR GIVING US F-ROCKING COOL SHOPPING WITHOUT ISRAELI SHIPPING!!!”, written all over their faces! To all of our Israeli followers, fans and friends, we feel blessed to have been able to bring you Frock Style to J-Town and even more fortunate to have your love and support. Let’s meet next year in Jerusalem and do this all over again, but until then, the Israeli Shipping dept will have us Frockers to deal with;) So we bid Shalom to you all, as we fasten our #frockseatbelt and head home… Xox #jerusalem #israel #thefrocktakesil #frockation #frockshirtdress #frockikat hair by @zeldahair #popupshop #home #weloveourcustomers #thankyou!!!!!!

A photo posted by Chaya & Simi (@thefrocknyc) on

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