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This 6-Year-Old Is Donating Stuffed Animals to Hurricane Victims

It’s no secret that Hurricanes Harvey and Irma devastated many parts of the U.S. and globe, including Houston, Florida, and Puerto Rico. Calls for volunteers and donations are everywhere (and rightly so)–and one little girl is trying to make a small difference on her own.

Jenna Peltier, age 6, decided she wanted to help other kids out and donate stuffed animals to them in a time of need–and in a time where a little bit of love and snuggling can go a long way. Her mom, Christina, told Babble:

“We were on the way home from our evacuation from Hurricane Irma when she heard on the radio that thousands were without homes due to recent hurricanes. This really upset her and she wanted to help.

“She asked me if she could donate her own stuffed animals. Then she asked if we could find people to help her donate stuffed animals as well, and one week later, we are doing just that!”

Jenna came up with the idea to sign each one, so that each child knows they are loved and special. How can you not find that sweet? If you want to take part and help, you can check out her Facebook page Hugs After Hurricanes, which is currently holding a toy drive.

So, how does it work? Her mom went on to say that they accept donations through PayPal as well:

“People can message me directly to receive a stuffed animal, find out more information about donating an animal, or [ask] general questions. There is also a PayPal account for donations to help with shipping costs.”

Check out the video below for more information:

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