This 7-Year-Old Jewish Girl Is Determined To Model for Zara -- But in Boys' Clothes – Kveller
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This 7-Year-Old Jewish Girl Is Determined To Model for Zara — But in Boys’ Clothes

One 7-year-old Jewish girl from London is making her modeling dreams come true. The twist: Eliza Brichto isn’t into dresses and wrote to the fashion brand Zara to ask if she could model their boy clothes.

Eliza sent a handwritten note to the company telling them she loved their clothes. “I’m your number one fan,” Eliza wrote in her letter. “You might think that it’s quite weird that a girl wears boy clothes but anyway let me tell you the story. When I was four I looked at Zara girls and I wasn’t really sure about the girls’ clothes but then I had a little look at the boys’ clothes and I loved them. Now the only place I go clothes shopping is Zara boys.”

Asked about her fashion tastes, Eliza cited her bubbe as inspiration. “My grandma is always trying to dress me up in girls’ clothes but I don’t like them at all. I find boys’ clothes look better on me and they are more comfortable,” Eliza said. “I think girls should be allowed to wear what they want and I think boys should wear what they want to.”

A few weeks after sending the letter Eliza was invited to meet the designers at Zara — so now she and her parents are going to Spain this coming weekend. Her mom, of course, couldn’t be prouder of the fact that Eliza stands up for what she believes, saying, “She is not afraid of what people think and she is brave enough to speak out about things that are important to her.”

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