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This 90-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor Bubbe Fought Off a Purse Snatcher

If you think you can just get away with trying to steal a bubbe’s purse, think again. 90-year-old Holocaust survivor Gina Zuckerman, originally from Poland, was minding her own business when she was attacked by a woman trying to steal her purse. It occurred this past Tuesday near Washington Square Park, New York.

Apparently, the attacker dug her nails into Zuckerman’s arm so hard that it caused her to bleed, and even bruised her. What makes this story worse is the fact that the perpetrator tried to pretend she was Zuckerman’s aide–the woman even pushed the 90-year-old to the ground.

However, Zuckerman escaped–and with her bag. She told the Post:

“I wouldn’t give it to her. I fought her off. I was stronger than her. No woman is going to attack me!”

The ironic thing is she only had $10 on her person, and said she would have given the woman $5 if she “needed it badly.” Considering Zuckerman is a Holocaust survivor, her fierce attitude doesn’t exactly come as a surprise. The Nazis invaded her home country in 1939, which resulted in her she spending six years in a German labor camp. So a purse snatcher is NBD.

However, she’s lived in New York City for the past 60 years, currently in a studio apartment in Chelsea. For 28 of those years, Zuckerman worked in the advertising industry, stating in DNAinfo:

“In those days, it was called a Girl Friday — a girl who had to have answers to everything, know everything.”

After the attack, Zuckerman went to the hospital, where she received five stitches and a tetanus shot. It’s incredible nothing worse happened to her, as she noted that she has a pacemaker. Clearly, she’s a fighter.

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