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This Ad About Happy Families Will Totally Make You Stop What You’re Doing

happy family

As a writer, it’s hard for me to really appreciate and enjoy commercials and advertisements, since I know what they’re up to–I’m used to those tricks, because I sometimes use them myself. But there’s a new commercial for Happy Family, a mom-founded organic food company, that is literally melting my heart right now. For real.

It follows the stories of different families experiencing all kinds of daily joys and frustrations. The ad itself is called “This Is Happy,” and uses the phrase “this is” throughout the different vignettes.

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The ad smartly starts off with a pregnant woman telling her husband that it’s go time. (Can you feel the heart palpitations already?!) Then, you see two dads introducing their son to the new family puppy. In another moment, a mom is saying, “This is really hard.” Because, duh, parenting is really hard. All of these are moments in a happy family’s life–even if each moment itself isn’t chock full of happiness.

However, it’s the last few moments of the video that really pierce your heart. This is the moment that changes everything.

Youtube / Buzzfeed

But you have to find out what that is for yourself.

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