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This Ad About Wholesome Families Sparked a Ridiculous Controversy

Yes, it’s that time again where our hearts (OK, really maybe just mine) were broken (in a good way) by a new Honey Maid advertisement. Recently, the company launched a radical national ad campaign about what makes a family.

As you may have guessed, the answer is there is no right answer. A family can be made of up anyone–their ad portrays a two-dad family, a musician family, a single dad, an interracial family, and a military family.

What makes the ad poignant, however, isn’t just the diversity of examples, but their tagline: “No matter how things change, what makes us wholesome never will.”

Using the word wholesome sets an entirely different tone, because it’s not just about acceptance; it’s about the idea that your family can be whole even if it’s not the societal norm a la “Leave It to Beaver.” The first ad, titled “This Is Wholesome,” was posted online March 10. Including families with both interracial and same-sex parents, the ad has been viewed more than 5 million times and sparked a lot of controversy and discussion. According to ABC News, one person tweeted, “Your TV Commercial is awful,” while another wrote, “Buh bye Honey Maid snacks, not in my house.”

Because of the controversy the original ad provoked, Honey Maid released a follow-up of shorts released on social media that continue to celebrate all families. One in particular, titled “Love,” shows two women fold up sheets up paper containing the negative comments and spelling out the tubes to say “Love.” Awesome.

If you haven’t seen the short videos yet, watch them below–they’re worth it:

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