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This Ad Showing a Little Girl’s First Flight Is Giving Us All the Feels

The first time you do something is always full of that exciting sense of wonder and joy–no matter how old you are. Remember the first time you were on a plane–remember how magical it was? Well, there’s a new commercial about flying in an airplane for the first time from Heathrow Airport, and it’ll give you all the feels.

The ad follows 5-year-old Harriett and her wide-eyed owl suitcase around in Heathrow Airport in London. Their journey through the airport is serene and oddly romantic–and it makes sense in a lot of ways–we’re seeing it through the lens of a child. Of course, her aviator hat and vintage-inspired goggles contribute to the sweet air of nostalgia.

What I love most about the ad is the fact that Harriett and her owl are pretty autonomous, even though she is being escorted by her parents. It also doesn’t hurt that the commercial, which is called “First Flight” is set to David Bowie’s “When I Live My Dream.” It emphasizes the fact that children are still individuals, which is important to remember.

In conjunction with Qantas, the airport is asking people to share their favorite Heathrow memory, and will choose 70 winners who will get a free a trip to Australia. Um, I’d love that trip.

Watch the video below to see how adorable it is:

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