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This Cat Menorah Is the Only Menorah You Need for Hanukkah

Those eight crazy nights are getting close (Hanukkah is starting Saturday, December 24), so it’s time to find your kitschy Hanukkah menorah. Yes, we all love “ugly Hanukkah sweaters,” but there’s so much more in life than sweaters–like crazy menorahs. But don’t worry, you don’t have to do too much work finding one, since we already did for you. It’s the Catnorah.

Since I have designated myself Kveller’s resident cat lady, I definitely had to find a cat menorah. It’s $60 on Amazon–which I know isn’t cheap, but hey, it’s a lot less expensive than this $130 Jonathan Adler elephant menorah. But if you don’t mind spending a little more, there is also a cute giraffe menorah for $200.

If you’re a dog lover, however, no need to fret. They have one of those too:

dog menorah

Of course, I personally am the proud owner of a dinosaur menorah:

dinosaur menorah

Wondering when Hanukkah 2016 is? Find out here.

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