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This Coldplay Version of ‘Adon Olam’ Is So Touching

Cantor Azi Schwartz sang the tune in honor of his son's bar mitzvah.


Cantor Azi Schwartz’s cantorial renditions of popular songs, like his Hamilton “Adom Olam” and his Harry Styles “Etz Chaim,” have long won over the internet. But a recent performance that his New York City synagogue shared is especially touching.

It’s his rendition of “Adon Olam” set to the tune of Coldplay’s “Sky Full of Stars,” and one that the cantor dedicated to a very special person: his son Daniel, on the occasion of his bar mitzvah.

“Daniel, watching you today was such a heavenly view,” Cantor Schwartz told the congregation at Park Avenue Synagogue in Manhattan. “You are a sky full of stars,” he added lovingly, before teasing him with, “I’m glad you’re listening to me.” (We all know that can be a feat for parents of teens!)

As he finishes chanting the words of “Adom Olam,” he sings, along with the rest of the congregation, “Daniel, we love you.” It’s such a sweet moment of connection between a father and son.

The 2014 Coldplay song has special significance for a lot of people, reminding them of the people who fill their world with light (and also is part of a very awesome moment in the movie “Sing 2”). It’s especially meaningful to the current president of the United States, Joe Biden — the song was his late son Beau’s favorite tune, and it played during the 2020 Democratic National Convention and at Biden and Harris’ victory rally after they won the 2020 presidential election.

And now it will definitely hold a special place in Cantor Schwartz and his son Daniel’s hearts. Watch here:

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