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This Facebook Mom Group Saved This Boy’s Birthday

The internet doesn’t always bring “Mommy Wars.” In this case, Facebook actually saved a kid’s birthday, for real. Rachelle Briannan planned a birthday party for her 4-year-old son Tannon’s fourth birthday. Only an hour before, however, she started to receive messages that moms and their kids couldn’t come. Naturally, she was upset for Tannon.

So, she went to Facebook, and aired her frustrations in her Facebook mom’s group:


Only an hour after Rachelle wrote her post, 30 moms and their families showed up at the McDonald’s where Tannon’s party was. Even better, a party store donated balloons, and the local fire station came to give a tour of their trucks to the little partiers.

Facebook often gets a bad rap–especially when it comes to Facebook groups for moms. But if anything, the site can serve as support system for moms everywhere, as it can connect women near and far. That’s not something to scoff at.

In this case, it made a little boy’s birthday special, and could have even been the beginning of new friendships for both Tannon and Rachelle. Rachelle wrote a note after the party, expressing gratitude for the thoughtful actions:

“There are literally not enough thank you’s in the world to let everyone know how grateful my family is. I was so happy to see people forming friendships at his party, not just kids but the parents…Everyone was a united front and it has been more than amazing to see and be a part of!”

I’m glad everything worked out for Tannon. I hope this story prompts others to do small acts of kindness–because small acts are never small for the recipient.

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