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This Firefighter Is a Breastfeeding Superhero

You don’t often think of a firefighter breastfeeding–it’s just not an image often displayed in the media. Of course, no one has to tell me that a firefighter can be a woman–and a mom, for that matter–but it’s still incredible to see actual footage. Angela Joy, a volunteer Australian firefighter and mom, is being applauded as a hero, not just because of her selfless devotion to the public, but because she breastfeeds in uniform.

The County Fire Authority shared a photo of the mom on Sunday at a community event of her nursing her baby. Since then, the photo has been liked more than 39,000 times and has nearly 1,600 comments. Why is this photo noteworthy? Because photos like these dispel the myth that women can’t be in male-dominated fields while also being a mom.

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My personal favorite comment:

“As a firefighting volunteer and as a human this makes my heart happy. Women truly are the real superheroes.”
-Brent Hunter

More women and moms should share photos like this, because it’s the only way to break unfair gender roles and stereotypes.


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