This Girl Performed Frozen's 'Let It Go' in Sign Language & It's Literally the Best – Kveller
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This Girl Performed Frozen’s ‘Let It Go’ in Sign Language & It’s Literally the Best

It seems like “Frozen” is still going strong. Ever since the animated movie came out, kids and adults everywhere have performed their own rendition of the theme song “Let It Go”(originally sung by Jewish singer Idina Menzel). Well, the best one yet is finally here. A girl named Lily did her own version recently–all in sign language. It’s honestly one of the best things I’ve seen all year.

In Lily’s video shared on the Sign Out Loud Facebook page, it shows Lily performing the entire song through sign language (which she taught herself how to do!). Of course, she’s also wearing  the signature sparkly blue dress and braid that Queen Elsa wore in the movie. What continues to give me that tingly heartwarming feeling in my chest is the fact that Lily is so happy and excited. She was originally inspired after seeing two women’s Makaton sign performance on YouTube.

Not surprisingly, the video, which was posted on December 9th, went viral. It now has over 637K views, 11K shares, and 1.3K comments. All of the comments were incredibly supportive. For instance, commenter Karda Crise wrote:

“Beautifully done. So graceful! Did a great job! Such emotion! Would watch again and again!”

Check out her performance below–it’s quite magical:

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