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This Harry Potter Classroom Is So Perfect, It Hurts

Our hearts literally just stopped when we saw Stephanie Stephens’ “Harry Potter” themed classroom that makes all of your kids’ fantasies of receiving their Hogwarts letters and being sorted into Ravenclaw come true. (Sorry, guys, but Ravenclaw is clearly the coolest.) Stephens is a 6-8 special education teacher at James L. Capps Middle School in Oklahoma City. We’re pretty bummed we can’t take her class.

Courtesy of Stephanie Stephens


How did we find this magical wonderland? Her husband posted pictures on Reddit to show that his wife is the most badass teacher ever. So, what prompted her to do a little redecorating? Stephens told Newschannel 4,

“My kids all are required to think outside the box and the critical thinking is really important in my class. I think that teachers really need to find something they’re passionate about, because [students] will be passionate about things that you’re passionate about.”

Courtesy of Stephanie Stephens

Courtesy of Stephanie Stephens

She also mentioned that the “Harry Potter” books will be part of her curriculum. We’re dying a little on the inside.

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