This Hashtag Is for Anyone Who's Struggled with Mental Illness – Kveller
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This Hashtag Is for Anyone Who’s Struggled with Mental Illness

Creating a community and a space you feel comfortable being vulnerable in is priceless. For those who suffer from a mental illness and depression, it can be hard to feel safe and open up to others, whether in real life at work, at your kid’s school, in a relationship, or in a friendship–or sometimes especially with family.

This is why I love the social media movement happening with the hashtag #IWantYouToKnow–which is a space for those who are trying to dispel the myths and stigmas associated with mental illness. Parents, kids, and teens can use this hashtag can help them feel less alone. Even if you don’t want to tweet out, reading personal tweets can help.

Here are some of my favorite tweets:

This post is part of the Here.Now series, which seeks to destigmatize mental health,
and is made possible by UJA-Federation of New York and The Jewish Board.
You can find other educational mental health resources here.


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