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This Irish Airport Is the First in Europe to Open a Sensory Room for People with Autism


There’s now in airport in Europe that is making passengers with autism and special need more comfortable. Shannon Airport in Ireland is now officially the first airport in Europe to open a sensory room for people with autism. It’s kind of crazy how this hasn’t happened already–but at least it’s starting to happen more and more.

The new room is near the the airport’s departure lounge–which was designed by education and therapy company Adam & Friends, includes hats and wristbands for the passengers to use so they can be identified by specially-trained staff–along with kid-friendly items like an aquatic bubble tube, an undulated wavy wall, color changing LED’s and a wheel projector.

The airport’s director of operations Niall Maloney wants this to become the norm at all airports, however, not just Shannon’s, stating:

“It’s one thing for Shannon to put these provisions in place but if all other airports participated in this programme, so that when the passenger arrives on the other side they also get special treatment, then that would be a huge gift to people with special needs and their families.”

I couldn’t agree more with that statement. Public facilities should be more welcoming to people with special needs and disabilities–because they should have the same access and comfort other people have. In general, why should anyone be treated differently?

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