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This Is the Jewish Music Show Your Family Needs


Jewish musician and entertainer Eliana Light is an absolute delight — she brings joy, passion, and infectious energy to all the Jewish programming she does. (She also brings along an adorable puppet named Sheepie).

Last year, Eliana would occasionally join us for Kveller’s Shabbat, our weekly Zoom singalong on Friday afternoons (you can sign up to join us on Fridays here!). When Eliana was in the house, the kids would go wild and the adults would have huge smiles plastered on their faces. Yes, Eliana’s approach is deeply engaging and informed by Jewish values — but also just so enjoyable for all ages.

This is why we’re thrilled to announce that Eliana is now bringing a one-of-a-kind musical program, “Eliana Light and Friends,” to Kveller! In this magical, 30- minute program —  which takes place biweekly on Wednesdays at 4:00 PM EST — Eliana is joined by other amazing Jewish musicians and entertainers. They will sing beautiful Jewish songs — both original and familiar — and explore Jewish themes, all in a fun, infectious, and engaging way. Some upcoming guests on the program include Joanie Leeds and the Bible Players.

“Eliana and Friends” will be live on Kveller’s Facebook page (and will available for viewing later in the week for those who are busy on Wednesday afternoons). If you want a more intimate experience — and trust us, you do! — you and your family can sign up to join us on Zoom. By joining us via Zoom, Eliana and her guests will be able to engage with you and your kids directly, and she’ll be able to your beautiful faces. Sign up to join us on Zoom here. 

For Eliana, the program is a way for her to really connect with kids — which, she tells us, is her favorite thing to do — while giving parents a much-needed half-hour break during a tough time of day. (However, as a parent, keep in mind that joining in the program with your kids can be a wonderful bonding experience!) It’s also a chance to for participants to share messages of love, resilience, gratitude, and growth — all within a Jewish framework.

You can watch the first episode of “Eliana Light and Friends,” with the talented Chava Mirel, below, and get a wonderful little taste of what’s in store:

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Image courtesy of Eliana Light

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