This Israeli Band Covered 'All You Need Is Love' & It's Exactly What We Need Right Now – Kveller
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This Israeli Band Covered ‘All You Need Is Love’ & It’s Exactly What We Need Right Now

The Israeli band Jane Bordeaux covered the Beatles’ “All You Need Is Love” at the Jacob’s Ladder Festival, and it’s absolutely stunning. The Beatles set a pretty high bar when it comes to music, but Jane Bordeaux reinvented the song in a quaint, folk way.

Considering we’re in the thick of the Jewish holiday season right now, which is all about reflection, this song is the reminder we all need. Yes, we may be upset at what someone said or did to us, or something we did or didn’t do, but we all are capable of forgiveness. And with 5777 just beginning, this year is a blank slate, meaning we can let go of all the negative energy and thoughts in our lives–allowing love to take precedence. Radiate love, not hate.

Listen to the beautiful cover below:

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