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This Israeli Startup Is Literally the ‘Tinder for Bras’

Do you hate bra shopping? Isn’t it confusing to actually find a bra that fits you? Well, if you feel this way, you’re not alone. This is precisely why Brayola, an Israeli startup that specializes in matching women with the “perfect bra,” was founded–and just received $2.5 million in Series A funding from HDS Capital and FirstTime Capital.

Recently, JTA editor Lisa Keys wrote about what Brayola is all about–from a personal stand, as she wanted to see if the service is everything it claims to be. Well, it mostly is. The company was founded by Tel Aviv-based Orit Hashay, who founded the venture in 2013 because she believes there just isn’t enough variety and ease when women shop for jobs, stating:

“There was absolutely nothing about the thing most difficult to buy. You can buy everything online—food, clothes for my kids, anything. But for bras, you only go to the store and buy the same one again and again.”

So, how does the site actually work? It matches users with the ideal bras for their size, shape, and preferences by analyzing the reviews of millions of women. According to Keys, all you have to do is enter your stats and preferred lingerie styles, and a match will magically pop up.

Some women even post selfies of themselves with their bras on, as a way to receive feedback and advice from other users (kind of like Tinder), although Hashay says it’s definitely not necessary to–she even joked about the selfies, stating:

“If you were asking me [about bra selfies], I’d say, ‘No! I’d never do it! It would scare them.’ But it’s not about what I think; it’s about what they need.”

Read how Keys fared with her own bra match over at JTA here.

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