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This Israeli Woman Is on a Mission to Save Stray Cats in Jerusalem

She never leaves the house without cat food–and even makes specific sounds to draw cats to her. You could call her the “cat whisperer.” Tova Saul is basically the mother of cats in Jerusalem–and it’s heartwarming and delightfully quirky.

Saul saves all kittens she comes across, as she knows they would die otherwise.


In the video below, Saul explains that she often saves cats in both Jewish and Muslim neighborhoods, which often causes strangers of all religions to come to talk her. In this way, the stray cats are bringing people of all faiths together. Saul also explained that her Jewish faith is part of the reason why she saves these cats–in order to make the world a better place than she left it.


National Geographic‘s piece about Saul went on to explain that feline overpopulation is a problem in Jerusalem, and that Saul “has devoted an enormous amount of time and money to feed and rescue stray cats. In 2016 alone, she spent close to $15,000 USD to trap, spay, and release 76 cats, rescue and place 48 kittens in homes, and provide medical care for 28 sick cats and kittens.”

Watch the video below:

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