This Jewish Actor Shows What It's Really Like to Work From Home When You Have Kids – Kveller
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This Jewish Actor Shows What It’s Really Like to Work From Home When You Have Kids

If you don’t know actor Adam Goldberg by name — and you really should — it’s highly likely that you’d recognize him nonetheless. For starters, the very talented and prolific actor starred in the cult classic The Hebrew Hammer. He’s also had roles in blockbusters like Saving Private Ryan and A Beautiful Mind, as well as and a bunch of parts in what he calls “doomed series.”

The Jewish dad of two also posts the most wonderful threads on Twitter. This Sunday, he posted one that totally nails how frustrating, impossible, and endlessly comical it is to work at home as a parent.


Goldberg opens with an explanation about how he very rarely auditions — like so many other things in life, he’s gotten his best roles through word of mouth. He goes on to say that, despite his reluctance, when his agent asked him to take himself to audition for a super-cool, top-secret role, he agreed. (The entire thread is well worth a read — but you can easily skip to the video, too.)

Unfortunately, Goldberg, 48, was home with his wife, Roxanne Daner, his 6-week-old baby (MAZEL!), his almost 4-year-old and his in-laws, who had to evacuate their house in Thousand Oaks due to the fires raging in California.

So let’s just say the recording didn’t exactly go as planned.

Watch adorable, relatable clip below, which features “fun” with the whole family and zero full lines of dialogue:

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