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This Ladino Hanukkah Song Is Such a Bop


Sarah Aroeste, our favorite Ladino songstress, has released another Hanukkah video from her 2021 Hanukkah album “Hanuká!” — which was the first all-Ladino Hanukkah album ever made.

Last year, Aroeste shared her absolutely fabulous rendition of the classic “Ocho Kandelikas.” This year, she’s sharing a less well-known song, titled simply “Hanuka.” But trust us that this song deserves classic status just as much as “Ocho Kandelikas!”

As Aroeste told Kveller in 2021, “I felt empowered to show people that there are many joyful Hanukkah songs in Ladino. I really wanted to boost some of the traditional songs and also highlight work being done by colleagues around the world.”

The melody of “Hanuka” can be attributed to amazing Sephardic songwriter Judy Frankel, who put to tune a beautiful poem by Lina Kohen Albukrek, which is all about women being at the center of Hanukkah festivities. You can hear Judy singing it here.

The brass band that Aroeste collaborated with for this rendition totally elevate the already very excellent song, and make it perfect for your Hanukkah dance party. It’s just not humanly possible to listen to this song without wanting to move your body!

The new video, which was filmed in Israel, will definitely warm you up in the cold of winter, with the colorful outfits, gorgeous pastoral scenery and, of course, the scene of Aroeste lighting an oil candle menorah.

Hanuka alegre to all!

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