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This Mom Breaks Down the 10 Commandments in Adorable Video

With the holiday of Shavuot approaching, it’s prime time to start talking Torah with your kids. This means, you’re probably going to talk about the 10 commandments–especially if you have young kids. But, how can you actually do that without it being the bore of a lifetime? (Let’s be real, it’s not the most riveting conversation.)

Luckily for you, you aren’t alone, because this mom created a video explaining what the 10 commandments are in less than five minutes–and she’s singing with her kids. It’s pretty adorable–my favorite part are the clips she uses from popular movies to illustrate what commandment the characters broke, like “The Wizard of Oz,” for instance.

Watch the video below to see what commandment to see what Wicked Witch of the West of “The Wizard of Oz” and Veruca Salt of “Willy Wonka” both break:

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