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This Mom Proves She Is the Chillest Person Ever with Viral Birth Video

Birth is one of the hardest things a woman can experience. It involves a lot of patience, blood, pain, and time. Did we mention pain…and time? Well, for midwife Lisa Marie Sanchez Oxenham, this was apparently not the case when she posted a video of one of her clients giving birth. The woman seemed to have the most calm birth EVER.

Oxenham’s pregnant client gave birth earlier this month, so she recently posted a powerful live video of the birth on her personal Facebook. Just under a minute long, the video shows the mom birthing her baby in a tub alongside her partner. Somehow, she remains the chillest mom ever. In the caption, she wrote:

“My client Audra’s beautiful second home birth. A midwife’s role is fluid, providing whatever is necessary for each individual birthing experience, although almost always that role is simply to offer the gift of quiet.”

The video has since gone viral, having been watched over 12.5 million times and reached over 45,000 likes and 86,000 shares thus far. Considering there are almost 20,000 comments, it’s pretty obvious this has struck a chord with many. Birth is beautiful, regardless of whether it’s calm, short, long, or harrowing–and every birth story is miraculous in its own way.

Watch the video below:

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