This Mom Was Diagnosed with Breast Cancer While Pregnant--And Her Birth Pics Are Incredible – Kveller
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This Mom Was Diagnosed with Breast Cancer While Pregnant–And Her Birth Pics Are Incredible

Giving birth is tough enough on its own, so it’s hard to imagine the emotional roller coaster that happens when you find out you have Stage 3 breast cancer while pregnant. Imagine the anxiety leading up to the birth when you’ve already had months of chemotherapy and a mastectomy. And then, meeting your baby for the first time. It sounds like a scene from a movie.

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But for one mom, this is no movie, but real life. Photographer Kate Murray captured this moment on camera, proving that sometimes a picture really is worth more than a 1,000 words. The photos of the first time mom nursing her son have been shared on Facebook, and have since gone viral. Kate stated:

“This is the definition of strength, love, and pure raw beauty. Mom was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer halfway through pregnancy with her surprise gender baby. She had one breast removed and underwent chemo while carrying her miracle baby. She was induced at 36 weeks in order to receive more treatment. Baby BOY was born ready to prove to the world his strength he inherited from his strong mommy. He latched on to her remaining breast all on his own and the room erupted in so many emotions. Breastfeeding is such a sacred bond, and this one just makes my heart break and swell at the same time. I am beyond blessed to have met and gotten to know this woman and her family, and so honored she asked me to be there to document these precious moments.”

mom with cancer gives birth

Facebook via Kate Murray Photography

These pictures are simply extraordinary–they portray the duality of how fragile yet incredibly strong human life is. And how beautiful the gift of giving life truly is–for both mother and child. We wish Sarah and her new bundle of joy all the best, and hope she has all the love and support she needs on her new journey being a mom.

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