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This New ‘Wonder Woman’ Jewelry Collection Is Seriously the Best

If you’re in the market for some new jewelry — and, hey, Valentine’s Day is coming up! — we’ve found the perfect thing for all the awesome moms and wonder women in your life: The Wonder Woman collection at Alex & Ani.

The jewelry line includes a $38 Wonder Woman logo necklace — available in rose gold, yellow gold, and silver finishes — and a matching bracelet of the same price. Other items in the collection include a pull-cord bracelet, a charm bangle bracelet, and our personal fave, a cuff.

According to the company, the Wonder Woman collection is all about channeling feminist energy in order to stand up for what’s right, big or small, in our lives. As their web site says:

Wonder Woman is a leader in the fight for justice. She looks for peaceful resolutions before conflict, using her lasso of truth as a weapon. Her bracelets are unbreakable, deflecting evil. With a fierce and gracious heart, Wonder Woman protects the world. Channel her super powers and join the fight to defend and unite humanity.

Buying a piece — or, you know, five —  is also a great way to support a company founded  by a woman who is interested in empowering other women. So that’s pretty wonderful, too.



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