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This Police Officer Rescued Baby Sitting in Own Feces & Urine During DUI Arrest


via FB

Child neglect and abuse is absolutely horrifying–especially when the abused child can’t speak for him or herself. Luckily, one West Virginia State Police Trooper rescued a 1-year-old baby found in the back seat of a car during a DUI arrest this past Tuesday. The child was apparently sitting in its own feces.

Senior Trooper D.C. Graham explained what happened–which has now gone viral all over Facebook as the event was posted on the Love What Matters page:

“As a father myself, I couldn’t let it sit in its own urine and feces and vomit. So I went ahead and drew a bath in the sink of the detachment and was able to clean him up a little bit and get him feeling a little bit better.”

Graham took the child back to the police station, where he washed and held him. Both the baby and officers were all smiles that day–and luckily, the baby is now safely in custody of a legal guardian as well as under supervision of CPS.

Look at the heartwarming photos below:

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