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This Sign Should Be at Every Little League Game

We’ve all been there–the little league game where some of the parents take competition a little too far, to the point where it’s just not fun for anyone anymore. And isn’t that the point of little leagues? Because, you know, it is just a game after all. One Reddit user wanted to make this point loud and clear, so they made a sign.

When the picture of the sign was posted to Reddit earlier this week, this comment accompanied it: “This sign should be at every Little League field.” While the rules on the sign may seem like common sense, tell that to the screaming parents on the sidelines. This past September, for instance (as Scary Mommy pointed out), an off-duty Mississippi Sheriff’s Office deputy was arrested after getting into a fight at a Little League game with another dad. How are we supposed to teach kids about good sportsmanship and the fact that it’s OK to lose sometimes, if fights like these break out more than they should?

Perhaps signs like these may be the necessary, and tangible, reminder parents need sometimes. Obviously, no one sets out to ruin their kid’s game by getting into a fight with another parent, but it’s easy to get lost in our emotions after a stressful day at work, schlepping your kid to practices, and seeing how upset they sometimes get after an off game. But, it’s also not about you, but your kid. Let’s remember that.

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