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This Stroller Brand Made Adult-Size Replicas So Parents Could Test It Out

Don’t you ever feel jealous when you see a baby being pushed around in their stroller? Strollers seem so comfortable–and after a long day at work, sometimes that fantasy of having someone escort you around seems pretty tantalizing.

Well, now it’s kind of a reality, at least for a few lucky parents, thanks to an adult-sized test stroller from manufacturer Kolcraft. So, why exactly is there an adult-sized stroller?

Marketing agency FCB Chicago explained how the stroller was designed merely to allow parents to understand what their kid’s baby stroller actually feels like. FCB Chicago chief creative officer Todd Tilford stated:

“The problem with shopping for baby strollers is that babies can’t tell you how they ride or feel, and parents can’t fit into them. We solved the problem. Now parents can shop informed.”

This is precisely why they created a promo video following around a bunch of adults acting like babies, for real. It’s adorable and hilarious all at the same time. I mean, who doesn’t want to watch an adult sucking their thumb in a huge stroller?

Watch the video below to get baby stroller envy:

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